Fails of the Week

While most moms that I know have been overjoyed this past week in our town, I have been a ball of stress. Both of my kids are still under school age and my eldest doesn’t even return to preschool until September! Ugh. All the while I am about to leave my long held retail pharmacy position and start working from home for a new company, and planning the task of renovating our new home. Lots of changes, and I’ll try to explain.

I definitely needed this work from home job. I know in the long run it will probably do wonders for my mental health which has been shaky at best lately. However, that doesn’t stop my anxiety fueled mind from being on high alert.

As far as the new renovation goes, well, two weeks ago, my husband’s grandmother passed and it took a toll on the family. I’m actually very close with my mother-in-law and I have been trying to help her in this season of life. Losing a loved one is never easy, but losing your mother is an unspeakable loss. Due to our being so close, my mother-in-law wanted our help with restoring grandma’s house (a cute 3 bedroom home on the lake), and in exchange we get to live there. Yes, my in-laws would be on the property, but they have a separate MIL suite from the house. Even typing this I am aware of how beautiful this all sounds, but there is a lot of work to be done, and I haven’t lived cooperatively with anyone other than my husband and kids since I left home at 18.

Am I doing the right thing? I have no clue. But when opportunities to take care of yourself, your family, finances, and maybe even have a little fun somewhere along the way arise, you’ve just gotta try.

Let’s do this.

Hi, my name is Destiny and I am the creator of this odd blog here. Badmomdaily is my attempt at hopefully creating a fresh outlook on the modern role of the mother who feels like she’s losing it all in the pursuit of “having it all.” I don’t feel like an expert, but more of a friend in solidarity here in the trenches of motherhood (the scariest, yet most rewarding hood you’ll ever go through. Also, I have no clue how this will go, but let’s do this.

About me and my family

I’m married to my high-school sweetheart, Clay, who was disabled in November of 2018. So, now he is a stay at home daddy with our two kiddos, Emily(4) and Levi (8 months), and our grumpy old cat, Joel. I am the breadwinner in our house in this season of life and have been working in pharmacy to do so. “Slinging pills to pay the bills” has been nice, but soon I will begin working from home which kind of made me think of blogging now. Now I have the office setup at home, ability, and time; plus, I’ve always loved to write, but I’ve never had an outlet.

Until next time…